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How to Register and Submit Apps to Samsung Apps

Capture2.0Samsung Apps is an applications store or a marketplace designed to provide quality applications and great user experience specially customized for Samsung mobile phones. It is a focal point for both developers and Samsung handset users alike. Developers publish their apps on the online store where users get to them into their handsets either for free or at a fee.

For the developer, there are a few things that need to be done in order to successfully publish apps in the Samsung apps marketplace.


To register, visit the address and click on the “Join now” tab to access the registration menu, after which you will be requested to provide your details. You will be presented with the following page:


In case you have membership (via Samsung Account) to Samsung Apps, Samsung Mobile Innovator, or Bada Developers, you will need to provide your credentials to complete the registration process. However, if you do not have membership, then you will be needed to register as either a private seller or a corporate seller. The private account is intended for individual developers while the corporate seller account is for companies and organizations to publish their apps.

Capture2.1-928x248Below are screenshots from a sample registration process including the steps followed to completion.
The two screenshots below show the ‘Basic Information’ page for selecting the mobile seller option.



In step 2 below, an email confirmation will have been sent to the applicant’s account, awaiting confirmation.


The screenshot below shows the confirmation email as it would look like in the applicant’s mail inbox.


Clicking on the link in the confirmation mail leads to the registration completion page as shown below:


Upon your first login, you will be presented with the following page:


Once you are done with your registration and confirmed your account, you can go ahead and publish free apps on the portal. However, the process is a bit varied for paid apps where a commercial status is required. To obtain a commercial status, you will need to place a request by clicking on the “Request Commercial Status” tab (shown above), where you will be needed to fill out some basic and financial information and submit it for approval. After your account is approved, you will be granted clearance for publishing paid apps.

While the ‘Paid Store’ is not yet available for the region, any app developer can make their app available in other regions which have a paid store. Samsung will officially announce the paid store for the region as soon as it is made available.


Upon login to the Samsung Apps Seller Office, you may submit your apps to the store by clicking on the “Add new Application” tab. It is important to note that the app submission process may vary from platform to platform. However you will be required to first provide information about the app to be submitted in a three-step process as summarized below:

1. Basic information: This summarizes the Device(s) for which the app is intended, category, binary and sales data.




2. Display information: In this section, you fill the information you want your users to see about the app.


3. Final Review: Review the information you provided in the steps above and confirm.





After submission of your app, it will have to go through the certification process during which it may be approved or rejected (if successful, it is made available to users in the store). The certification process progress can be monitored through your account. Upon successful certification, you download/purchase.

More Information:

For more information download this step-by-step guide to understanding the process, complete with screenshots and extra information on the Samsung Apps Platform.




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