PIVOT East 2015

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A basic step by step process on how to set up and curate your startup profile can be found HERE

Eligibility criteria to participate in PIVOT East 2015:

  • Participating startups must be domiciled in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia or DR Congo
  • Entries to the competition will be considered to be startups as per the universal definition of a “startup”* or a startup company (*as done below)
  • Participating startups must indicate details of at least two members of their team in their application profile
  • Companies that reached final 25 lists of PIVOT 2011, PIVOT 2012 ,PIVOT 2013 , PIVOT 2014 may not compete with products/services previously submitted for the competition, the judging panel will have discretion to disqualify entries in breach of this requirement.
  • Competitors selected to the final 25 list must have set up a legal entity (business name, limited company etc) for their business by 30th April 2015. Competitors with legal entities already set up will have an added advantage at all judging stages.
  • Decisions of the judging committees at all competition stages will be final.

How to enter the competition

Startups that meet the eligibility criteria may enter their application into the competition through the following steps :-

  1. Go to
  2. Register
  3. Curate your Startup profile according to given profile headings
  4. Team members to create individual profile pages to complete the startup profile information
  5. Ensure that you publish your Startup profile to the team member only

Applicants are advised to use all components available under the profiles section to best describe their strengths and potential for growth.Through the experience from previous editions of PIVOT, organizers expect startups to occasionally fit more than one category. Startups are allowed to use the Tagging feature in the application platform to suggest a maximum of two categories they wish to be considered for. The judging panel may exercise discretion in the allocation of categories for the a startups.

NB: At later stages of the competition, team members may be asked to link their profile pages with their LinkedIn pages to enable the judges to better give scores on team composition.

What is a startup?

For purposes of PIVOT East competition, the definition that  “a startup company or startup is a company or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model” will apply. The competition will accept treatment of innovative mobile solutions fronted by companies that otherwise have other solutions as separate startup entries. This will be on the expectation that the innovative mobile solution entered in the competition can be spinned off into a separate autonomous company.

Intellectual Property and visibility of Startups’ information

Information submitted through the PIVOT East competition application process and the associated intellectual property belongs to the startups. The information will be visible to organizers of PIVOT including the judging panels for purposes of identifying the best startups to showcase and support through the competition.

At their chosen times, startups may opt to make their profiles visible to people in PIVOT East’s startup network who include funders, business advisors and other experts wanting to join the startups for work or on advisory basis. Applicants reaching finals of the competition will be obliged to avail a minimum set of information that allows them to be showcased in meeting the competition’s objectives.

A basic step by step process on how to curate your startup profile can be found HERE

For more inquiry on how to apply for the competition, feel free to send an email at lincoln(at)  or egra(at)

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